Three Ways a Job Process Evaluation Can Improve Employee Productivity

A common saying is that an employee is only as good as the process they use to get a job done. As an employee gains tenure with a company, they can become stuck in a rut, and it can become complicated for them to identify inefficient areas. One way a company can help improve an employee’s productivity is to hire an independent consultant to conduct an evaluation of the processes they use to complete their required job tasks. Here are a handful of improvements many companies have made as a result, and how they can be of benefit to a company in any industry.


Many employees struggle with prioritizing items in a way that ensures projects are completed promptly. Others are not born leaders and require more oversight to help determine what should be done first. A consultant can identify each staff person’s responsibilities and create a prioritization check sheet that will determine what items should be moved to the top of their to-do list, and which ones can be set aside for later.

IT Requirements

One of the biggest barriers to employee productivity is outdated network equipment. When employees have to wait for extended periods of time for a simple process to be completed, it can lead to small amounts of downtime that quickly add up. Hire a professional to examine a company’s current network structure so they can make suggestions on improvements that will advance the speed and reliability of a server system.

Dedicated Responsibilities

Employees should know what responsibilities fall under their department, and what of those duties are items they should address. This prevents staff from crossing lines and doing the job of others. Let a consultant devise an organizational chart that can explain positions and the hierarchy within a company. This will also help others gain an understanding of who to go for when issues arise and allow staff to focus on their core job responsibilities.

A few small changes can lead to an increase in overall effectiveness of every employee. Take time to learn about Nick Bova and his approach to helping companies evaluate their processes and develop systems that can make everyone’s workload more manageable. There is nothing to lose, and only a higher bottom line and improved employee morale to gain.